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par S. Maillard
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1st riddle

Which one is the Irish plane ? Justify.













2nd riddle

Which photo shows the uniform described in the recording ?

MP3 - 350 ko

























Photos pour les vacances

photo 1 : Ring of Kerry
photo 2 : Knightstown
photo 3 : Skellig Islands
photo 4,5 et 12 : Valentia Island
photo 7 et 8 : Waterville

Third riddle :

MP3 - 425.8 ko
MP3 - 377.5 ko

Listen to both recordings.

Who is English ? Who is Irish ?
Lizzie or Ciara

Fourth riddle :

Here are photos. Every pupils of St Brigid’s School has a journal. These are some of its pages.
What pieces of information can you find in it ? :
- homework due
- absences
- delays
- homework done
- note from teachers
- detentions
- time table
- notes to parents
- notes from parents
And what are the equivalents of this journal in our French schools


































Fifth riddle :

Look at the photos.
What can you buy or do in these shops ?




















Sixth riddle :

What does each photo represent ?































Last riddle :

What is it ? What year are they in ? How long is a lesson ?
What time do they start ? What time do they finish ?

PDF - 55.5 ko
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