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Projet eTwinning 5eme 3 : "My digital World" : cartes de voeux en anglais avec conseils de sécurité internet
Article mis en ligne le 31 janvier 2018

par S. Maillard
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Les élèves ont travaillé sur les conseils concernant la sécurité sur Internet et ont produit ces belles cartes, bravo à eux !


1. Choose sites for your age. Select the ones you like and add them to your favorites
2. Create a personal session on the computer you share with your family
3. You have the right to say “no, I do not want to publish pictures of me”
4. Your private life is your business. Do not share anything with anyone
5. Check regularly what search engines say and show about you
6. Ask your parents to set up a firewall or parental control
7. Remember to ask people if you want to upload pictures online
8. Always disconnect your accounts when you are in a public place
9. Freedom of expression also has limits. No insults, slanders, rumors or threats ...
10. Someone goes too far ? Talk to him and try to find a solution together
11. Cyber-bullying is unacceptable. Do not answer and react quickly with the help of adults
12. In case of bad jokes, go your way. To follow or to let go is to participate
13. Your photo online despite yourself ? Request withdrawal, you can file a complaint
14. Your image is precious, think before publishing photos or videos
15. f you see a shocking content, talk to an adult
16. In front of a form, think ! Nobody has to ask you too much or useless personal information

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