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Mobilité ERASMUS en Finlande 2018 (avec PHOTOS)

Compte rendu quotidien des mobilités en Finlande dans le cadre du projet Erasmus+ "ICT Wolrd"

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par T. Caudron
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Compte rendu quotidien des mobilités en Finlande dans le cadre du projet Erasmus+ "ICT Wolrd"

Accompagnés par M Kourdi (anglais), Mme Steffann (Principale adjointe) et M Caudron (maths), 6 élèves du collège se retrouvent à Helsinki pour une semaine de travaux et d’échanges avec leurs partenaires (Finlande, Espagne, Allemagne, Republique Tchèque, Lettonie).

Parmi eux Chloé et Antoine resteront sur une plus longue période : 80 jours puisqu’ils ont été sélectionnés pour participer aux mobilités longues.

- Sunday 4/02 and Monday 5/02

"Today we had an appointment in the school at 9 am. First we had breakfast then everybody got to know each other better.
After we went to the audiotorium so that each country presents itself and we visited the school with finnish students : it was big and very cool ! On the other hand, I found the visit of the school very destabilizing because the students have much more freedom than us.
Then, we presented our open problem in front of the other international teams. Finally, we went to the audiotorium to make games and get to know each other better." (Marion}

In the hosting families :

"Yesterday my family picked me up at the airport, they showed me around their house and let me settle down and rest for the whole afternoon, the evening my correspondent and I went out to walk his dog in snowy streets. After that, we went to the sauna because they have one in their bathroom, we ate and then we went to bed."

"Sunday my correspondent and her mother picked me up at the airport. Then I arrived home and they asked me if I wanted to play at the console. I said yes. Then later I ate and talk with them. After I watched a series with them. Later I ate candy and ice cream playing a board game and I took toast and I drank cold chocolate. And later I went to bed." (Julian)

"For my part, my family was very welcoming. My correspondent put me very quickly at ease and his family too." (Marion)

- Tuesday

"Matin :
Initiation au programme de codage + test du programme a l’aide d’outils électroniques.
Pause déjeuner
Après midi :
On est allé avec nos correspondants dans leur cours puis on est partis en bus visiter le park de réalité virtuelle le Flamingo.
De façon libre, on a visité le centre commercial où se trouve le Flamingo." (Louis)

The teachers’ point of view

"Today workshops have begun for the pupils. At the same time, the European teachers (2 Germans, 2 lithuans , 3 Czech, 3 Spanish and 3 French) were preparing the next meeting,
M. Kourdi has attended some lessons with Finnish teachers (20 min in english then history/geography and finnish language). He has been very astonished with the way of learning in Finland. Pupils are very autonomous and each of them follows his own item. Some of the learners were foreigners (new arrivals), they had different tasks to complete.
M. Caudron also had to fill administrative papers. At half past eleven, we went to eat : cuncumber, fish stew with puree, cheese and apple.

During the midday break, pupils are sitting in the corridors, they can use their phones (as in classrooms). Some of them were playing (ping pong, play station...) and a group of young students was doing rock music in the hall.
Everybody is relaxed in this college, nobody controls but teachers are present. It seems as if there are no problem at all).
Then Erasmus teachers had their concertation about the open problems, for one hour about. At 2 o’clock, pupils and adults have taken the bus to go to a game virtual center, a funny moment for everybody.

Back to Helsinki at half past four, the Finnish music teacher was waiting for us at the station to go to visit a monument dedicated to music. We walked a long way, it was very cold, it was snowing. Nevertheless, it was interesting. Tonight, our job is not finish, we write you the summary of the day and post photographies. It’s amazing."
(Nicole Steffann)


"First of all, we did activities on the computers and then went to the technology room to make cars. We are each in international groups so we can only speak English. In the afternoon we were in a small chalet and we ate Finnish specialties and roasted sausages over a wood fire, after the tasting we were able to go to the Kuusijärvi sauna and some swam in ice water outside !" (Margot)


"We arrived at the middle School around 8 in the morning. We started the activity at 8:15 pm ; then we followed working on our electronic bike and had to finish it and be ready for the race. The Instructor gave us more time to make it more beautiful. After we ate and we caught the train to Helsinki to visit the city. And around 3 pm we joined our host families." (Julian)

"On thursday, the six teams went on building their cars. When these were finished, the competition could begin. Each team had to pilot its car with a smartphone. It was interesting to see how the race has federated the european teams, the cooperation was intensive. This was the main purpose of this work and it has been completely reached.
The first price has awarded the car that rolled longest time. And the other price has awarded the best designed car.
What was really amazing too was the handicraft teacher’s speach. When the workshop has finished, he gathered the pupils to value their efforts for learning and explain how what they have done today can be interesting for their future life. He also encouraged them to go further and higher. So, learning has made sense and students have accessed." (Nicole Steffann)


"Today, we went to a university of technology in Helsinki. During the morning, we did some activities with electricity : we should create an application with App Inventor where we could switch off and on a light. After, we should try to improve it..." (Chloé)

"Cet après midi nous sommes allés dans l’université de Lumarts at the Aalto university où nous avons découvert ce que on peut faire avec le programme qu’on a utilisé pour faire les voitures (UNO ( langues C++))
Ensuite on est allé dans une école d’ingénieur ou on nous a expliqué les projets que les futures ingénieur ont conçu. Le soir on est aller a la soirée d’en recevoir." (Louis)

"The group has discovered the technological university of Helsinki. French and german pupils and their teachers have first realized a workshop. A university teacher asked them to build an electronic programme which actuate remote control on smartphone. Then Knobs « on/off » could be switched on the phone. The second task consisted of improving the visual.
After lunch, we were invited to discover different workrooms and technologic realisations such as drone, printing 3D...
It was the last day togther, pupils and teachers. A picture of the group has closed this very interesting week." (Nicole Steffann)

Saturday and Sunday (in hosting families)

« On Saturday afternoon, Marion and I went to the mall in Vantaa to buy gifts for our families. We bought typical food like cinnamon cakes, chocolates, black breads… In the evening, we ate in a Finnish burger fast-food restaurant (Hesburger). After I went to my correspondent’s home and I did a last sauna. » (Margot and Marion)

"Saturday I watched a movie in English then I went to the mall with my correspondent’s family. They bought some food. In the evening I ate a traditional cake, with the grandparents of my Aniina (my correspondent). Then I joined Louis in the big valley of the sledge where we went sledging. On Sunday I prepared my first pizza for lunch, I finalized my suitcase and prepared my backpack to leave." (Julian)

Saturday morning I went to visit the biggest Finnish chocolate factory. In the afternoon I went to a scientific exhibition, it was very interesting. In the evening I sledded." (Louis)

"Our flight is delayed. So we have to spend the night in an hotel, not far from the airport. We’ll leave early tomorrow morning. Anyway, we hope so !😜" (Nicole Steffann)

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